Netherlands National Cricket Team

Netherlands national cricket team
Netherlands national cricket team/Images Source Official Website
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Netherlands national cricket team

The Netherlands national men’s team represents the Kingdom of the Netherlands. And it is run by the Royal Dutch Cricket Association. Playing cricket in the Netherlands had started in the 19th century itself.

Cricket was played in the Netherlands since the 1807s and cricket was considered a major sport at that time. The other sport played in the Netherlands is mainly football. Which is quite popular.

Due to which cricket was left behind and people started paying more attention to football and started taking more interest in football. There are still more than 6000 cricketers in the Netherlands.

And the first national team of cricket, the Royal Dutch Cricket Association, was formed in 1990. The Netherlands national cricket team organized the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1966 itself.

Netherlands national cricket team history

 Court cricket was introduced in the Netherlands in the 19th century by British soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars. And the Netherlands played its national team in its first match in 1981.

They fielded 22 players against a Uxbridge Cricket Club XI and still lost by an innings. In 1990 10 cricket unions were formed with 18 members fluvme, four of which still exist today.

Team Netherlands / Images source Twitter

Another visit to England was made by the gentlemen of Holland in 1908, he played five matches during the visit, two of which were drawn and the rest were lost. Similarly in 1905 the first international game was played against Belgium which ended in a draw.

 In 1910 the Dutch team toured Belgium again to participate in an exhibition tournament which also included MCC Belgium and France. At that time the country had lost to MCC by two wickets. And Phanse was defeated by 63 runs. But then Belgium was defeated by 116 runs.

Everything seemed to be coming to an end during the First World War in the Netherlands, where a large number of British officers were placed under house arrest, due to which the local people of the country started joining cricket clubs. And a team made up of these players also won the Dutch Championship in 1918.

After that the 1930s are called the golden days of Dutch cricket because the first Dutch women’s team Lick was also formed in 1934 and the women’s national team played two games against Australia in 1937, in which both games suffered heavy defeats. had to do. After that, cricket was definitely banned completely after the German invasion in 1940.

Australia and the West Indies also toured the Netherlands during their first matches against Denmark in the 1950s, and in 1958 the Cricket Board received a Karel Charter. In 1964, the Netherlands defeated Australia by 3 wickets at The Hague to win their first Test by playing Tests. And two years later, the award was also received for associate membership of the ICC.

In 1990, the Netherlands hosted the ICC Trophy, the first such tournament outside England, and then finished as runners-up to Zimbabwe. After that in 1991, he won the West Indies 11 by 5 wickets. After this, both of them eventually qualified for the World Cup after finishing third in that year’s ICC Trophy in 1994 consecutively and were eliminated in the first round in 1996 World Cup itself.

Similarly, at the end of 2001, the Netherlands won the ICC trophy by defeating Namibia in the final in Toronto.

Similarly, the Netherlands finished fifth in the 2005 ICC Trophy and qualified for the 2007 World Cup. In 2010, England had defeated a full member country in an ODI for the first time, they beat Bangladesh by 6 wickets in 30 overs a day match due to rain.

Netherlands national cricket team logo

Netherlands National Cricket Team Logos

 Players and jerseys of the Netherlands national cricket team

Netherland Cricket Team  
Bas de Leede22Batsmen
Musa Ahmed24Batsmen
Stephan Myburgh38Batsmen
Max O’Dowd28Batsmen
Vikramjit Singh19Batsmen
Tom Cooper35Batsmen
Teja Nidamanuru28All-rounder
Scott Edwards26Wicket-keeper
Vivian Kingma27Pace bowlers
Fred Klaassen29Pace bowlers
Ryan Klein25Pace bowlers
Shane Snater26Pace bowlers
Logan van Beek32Pace bowlers
Paul van Meekeren29Pace bowlers
Shariz Ahmad19Spin bowlers
Philippe Boissevain21Spin bowlers
Aryan Dutt19Spin bowlers
Clayton Floyd26Spin bowlers
Tim Pringle20Spin bowlers
Netherlands National Cricket Team Players

Netherlands national cricket team coaching staff

Team managerNetherlands Steven van Dijk
Head coachSouth Africa Ryan Cook
Assistant coachNetherlands Peter Borren
Batting ConsultantSouth Africa Gary Kirsten
ConsultantAustralia Daniel Christian
AnalystAustralia James Hilditch
PhysiotherapistNetherlands George Dunlop
Strength and Conditioning coachSouth Africa Dean Munsami
Netherlands Cricket Team Coaching Staff


Is Netherlands good at cricket?

Yes ranking are top 15 in the world

Who is the captain of Netherland cricket team?

Scott Edwards

How many countries are in cricket?

Around 104 Country

Who is No 1 cricket team in the world?


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