Lionel Messi announces international retirement
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The captain of Argentina says that this time the World Cup in Qatar will be the last World Cup for him, this has been confirmed in an interview with an Argentine journalist in Methi, he said that this time the World Cup will be my last World Cup. And this is my decision.

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What did Lione Messi say in his interview?

He said in the interview that I am counting the days till this time FIFA World Cup. I am worried a little bit. This is also my last World Cup. Let’s see what happens next.

He further said that at present our team is in a good position. And our team is very ready and very strong too. Whatever can happen in the World Cup ahead, only time will tell.

He further said- I do not know whether we are a favourite team or not, but Argentina has always been a contender for winning the World Cup. I don’t think we are or will be the favourite team. Because there are many other teams which are far ahead of our three.

Messi has scored 90 goals so far in international games.

This World Cup of Messi will be the fifth, so far Messi has played four World Cups. At present, Messi is 35 years old. He started playing in the Argentine senior team in 2005 and made his debut. So far I have played 164 international matches in which I have scored 90 goals.


Messi and Messi’s teams are running in good form so far.

According to some media reports, this statement of his is also being seen adding to the retirement. But he has not clearly confirmed whether he will continue to play international football after the World Cup. But Fenugreek is on red form for his club and country this season. Messi won the Copa America Cup in the last tournament for Argentina. In this tournament held in 2021, fenugreek’s team Argentina won the tournament by defeating Brazil in the final.

Messi currently plays for Paris Saint Germain.

Messi also plays for Paris Saint-Germain club. He has played 47 matches in this club and scored 19 goals in 47 matches.


Is Messi retiring in 2022?

┬áthe 2022 World Cup in Qatar will “surely” be the last of his career

Is Messi retiring at PSG?

Messi agreed terms with PSG until June 2023

Will Messi play in World Cup 2022?


Who is the no 1 player in football now?

Lionel Messi

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