Cristiano Ronaldo scored 700 goals in his club
Cristiano Ronaldo scored 700 goals in his club /GettyImages
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Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Manchester United club. In such a situation, Ronaldo created history in the game held on Sunday. Because he has become the first player to score 700 goals in his club career.

 Ronaldo won the game between Manchester United and Everton 2-1. And made history by scoring 700 goals of his club career. Because till now no such player in history has been able to score 700 goals.

Ronaldo has made only one Premier League debut this season and played 207 minutes before the game against Everton.

In such a situation, leaving the Manchester United club in the summer was being speculated to be transferred, but this estimate also failed. But it is still being speculated that Cristiano Ronaldo may leave the club in the coming January.

 Cristiano Ronaldo was Manchester United’s highest scorer last season. But his new boss Eric Ten Haig had to struggle a lot in the game.

Eric ten Haag praised Cristiano Ronaldo very much for his achievement and also hinted at playing the biggest role in his plans. He said – it’s really i When you score 700 goals in your club career, it is considered a huge performance.

 We are very happy for him. We would like to congratulate you for this achievement and performance. And we are glad that he has his first goal of this Premier League season. 

And Ronaldo had to wait a long time for this. And we are even more sure that they will have more goals in the coming days.

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Ronaldo’s 700-goal club career

 First of all, Ronald made 450 gold for the Real Real Madrid club. After that he scored 144 goals for Manchester United. After that, scoring 101 goals for Juventus, finally scoring 5 goals at Sporting Lisbon Club, totaling 700 goals in total.

Ronaldo’s fans around the world are confused by his goal and will be hoping it will return form for the Portuguese, who scored just once this season before last night’s game.

United and Portugal team as well as Bruno Fernandez believes that it is still difficult for Ronaldo to count goals as he sets a new record every week.

And further says that I am really very happy because he is working hard day and night to achieve this goal. And today he is getting target and victory and that is most important for him that his team wins.

Brazilian midfielder Casemiro made his debut for Manchester United against Everton and was the one who assisted Ronaldo in the winning goal.

Ronaldo’s goal sparks GOAT debate again Everton manager Frank Lampard believes it is pointless to compare Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

He said that Ronaldo is one of those great players who have made the game proud. We are in an era where neither Messi nor you matters.


When did Ronaldo get his 700th goal?

in their 2-1 win over Everton

Who is the football player who scored 700th goal in his career?

Cristiano Ronaldo

How many goals has Ronaldo scored for Club?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s 700

Who has the most club goal?

Lionel Messi

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